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Feature: Film Clip demonstrating tipping of skid-mounted Burn Unit.
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Burn Units

What are burn units?
What are the advantages and disadvantages?
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Solid Waste Alaska Network

Design considerations:

The interior rack grating has been redesigned to be fully and easily replaceable in the field. Bu rn through and distortion is a natural occurrence using steel for grating material. This is referred to as being a "consumable" item. All new (2009 and above) units will have the replaceable grate design. It is a rack that can be ordered and shipped when the rack assembly needs to be replaced.

The cost for the kit is $800 delivered to anchorage or Fairbanks. The price may change so call for pricing and for the size and weight of the kits for shipping.

The burn units are designed for "batch" burns of household trash once or twice a day. If the units are loaded  and burned hot in a continuous manner (back to back),  the grating burns red hot and can suffer damage prematurely. Any use outside of the recommended parameters will void the 6 month warranty.

It is possible to retrofit older units which will accommodate the new design. But this will entail weld cutting and fitting of some components. Call Chis @ 907 590 7363 for more information.

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Skid Mounted Unit

Front Deck Loading
Skid Mounted Unit showing the front deck, loading, and cleanout doors.

The volume of a 12ft by 6ft cylindrical unit (Skid mounted) is:
(A)   Approximately 12.5 cubic yards for the full cylinder
(B)   Approximately 10.1 cubic yards for the volume above the metal grate
The upper compartment (B) is approximately 80% of the total cylinder volume (A).

Multiple Units

Kodiak Units

Multible Units would serve larger growing communities.  The added advatages of multible Units is that when one Unit is fired the other would be able to accept waste.  Using this managed technique could increase effectiveness of the landfill site. Click here to see a film clip on how the unit tips into clean-out position.

Trailer Mounted Burn Unit

Side View
The trailer mounted Burn Unit is 19' long from tip of tounge to rear of the rear door.  The width is 80" and the height is 80" from the ground to the stack flange.  The stack is stored inside for shipment along with the spare tire.

Burn Unit speicifcations can be found on the download page.

Basic Informaiton


This is a smaller version solid Waste Burn Unit and if managed properly will serve community populations up to 250 persons.
Delivered to Anchorage or Fairbanks, Call for pricing: 907 590 7363

Skid Mounted

The larger, skid mounted units, if properly managed, will serve communities of approximately  475 persons.  For transport dolly and tongue set, an $800 deposit is required. Upon return to Tok, the deposit will be refunded. The customer has the option to keep the transport set and forfiet the deposit. 
Call for pricing: 907 590 7363


The Units tow very well using any truck with a 2 inch ball.  The Burn Units are complete and ready to use when delivered except for the stack which needs to be bolted on using the suppiled bolts.  There will be a VCR tape and the Direction phamplets stored inside the Unit which should answer any questions that the users or operator might have.

Modifications to basic unit will incur additional costs.

Designed to be used once or twice a day for household trash. Other uses may void warranty. See "Design Considerations" regardng interior rack to the left.

PDF User's Manual.

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