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Q. Which is better for our community, the skid mounted unit or the trailer mounted?

A. We build two different models, i.e., a smaller Trailer Mounted Unit and a Skid Mounted Unit.  If you intend to keep the Unit at the landfill permanently then the Skid Unit would be better.  Some communities have the landfill pretty far away from town and sometimes they prefer to get the portable Unit.
Normally the Skid Mounted Unit will handle populations up too about 130 persons or so.  But there are so many variables.  Persons who live off the road system do not generate as much trash as they are more subsistence.  So The Units will handle larger communities.  Also communities that have an aggressive recycling program also can get by with less.   It may be better to order two or more Units.  Then as one is being fired the others can accept waste.  If the landfill is managed properly by a dedicated worker, then there is a better chance that the Units will handle a larger community.

Q. How long does it take to get my order?

A. Orders are fulfilled in the order in which they are received. The first person or community to make a down payment or give Tok Welding a letter of intent is the next in line.  It normally takes 6 weeks to build a Burn Unit.  But we can consolidate time if more than one unit is ordered at a time, i.e., it should take only 7 or 8 weeks to build two at once as we can cut all the parts for the second one as we build the first.

Q. How does the pricing work?

A. The larger Skid Mounted Unit price is more than the Trailer Mounted Unit  I
t is best to call for current price changes reflecting market conditions beyond our control.  Pricing is NEVER guaranteed unless an order has been sent with a deposit and approved. As prices of steel and fuel rise, next year's prices may be higher. There is an $800 charge for a temporary tongue and dollie set which bolts onto the Skid Mounted Unit. This allows the Unit to tow on the road system with just a 3/4 ton pickup.  There is no charge for delivering units to Fairbanks or Anchorage. However, if we deliver the Unit to Haines to catch the ferry, we charge $800 just to cover the expenses of driving down  and back.  If the community wants to keep the temporary tongue and dolly set that is fine, but if they return it then we refund the $800 to them.  Most communities who are very rural usually keep it, as it would cost more to return it to Tok.

Q. Can I get a brochure?

A. Yes,  you can  
and we will be glad to mail you a copy or you can click here and download and print a copy from your printer.

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